#Automated Securities Trading AI^


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NFT is Lifetime Subscription.
Securities. Algorithmic Tech.
Passive Income. 0% per month.
Hands-Off Emotionless Automated CopyTrading.
Connected to Multiple Brokers.
Consistently Profitable.
Stocks. Shares. Commodities. Indices. Currencies.
0 USD Cumulative Annual trading volume
221 CFD securities.

THISTLE AI^ Securities CFD Trading Bot

We built one of the smartest in class AI^ that executes our "Contracts For Difference" market trades, all day, everyday. Our proprietary algorithm is engineered for technical market chart analysis with over a hundred security and safety policies to protect new and open positions. Simply choose your settings and let it run hands-free, 24 hours a day, spotting trade entries on stocks, shares, commodities, indices and currencies at the right opportunity and locking in profits when the timing is right across 4 to 7 days. We leverage the power of CFDs to magnify your investment gains.

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0.0% ± nan%

2024 Total Growth Per Month

@ 0 Total Trades
+ 0 Wins
- 0 Positions Hedged
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nan% AI^ Win Rate

100.0% of All Profit Locked
Profit Generated Per Trade Investment (Margin)
@ $1 Margin Trade Setting $ 1.00 or 100.00%
#0 Trades Open: Target to Win

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FOR EXAMPLE: A setting of $1 per trade (margin size) at leverage 20 will generate a net average profit of $1.00 for every trade executed, requiring a starting collateral buffer of $200 in your broker account wallet in order to execute all signals as they trigger! Resulting in an estimated monthly wallet balance growth by about $0 in addition to your collateral buffer leaving a total wallet balance of $200. These projections are from current live data as of 3rd March 2024 and data only accounts for completed trades that have finished their full cycles after all its hedges are closed.
Timeframe Trades Realised Gains by Margin Size Chosen
Investment Required (Broker wallet balance)
Total Winning Hedged Positions $5
2nd March 2024
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March 2024
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PROJECTED INVESTMENT RETURN PER ANNUM 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%

*DISCLAIMER: These forecasts are estimated projections based on previously traded real live data, however, past results do not guarantee future success. Only trade with what you can afford to lose.
Data is from securities that are spread across multiple connected brokers and may be unique to some, therefore the actual realised profit may be a little lower since your account may not execute trades of all the available markets.


CAPITAL.COM 0% ± 0% OANDA 0% ± 0%

The % show the monthly returns by exchange. They vary from the 0.0% total average gains per month of THISTLE AI^ which is the sum of each unique security we trade due to a difference in markets listed or available to trade on each of the brokers that is usually less. The ± gains are a difference between trades executed by the THISTLE AI^ and those that are not executed on your account due to low liquidity of some securities.

Daily Performance 2024

This is the amount of $USD generated per day by the bot for every $1 in position margin size (investment margin).
i.e. If your account trading setting is set as the $20 investment margin option and the daily chart value below is 60, then on that day you, your account would have generated an estimated $1,200 USD in profit.

$0 Total Trading Volume 0% per month

*This data includes trade positions that are still in mid cycles with ongoing hedging trades. The AI does not focus on daily profitable wins or winning every trade attempt, rather, it ensures that the entire cycle is closed in profit hence the daily earnings graph is irrelevant in the long term and account gains are usually over two weeks.


Join the revolution of NFTs and Trading AI^ bots


To gain access, you must first purchase one of our THE FUNGIBLES^ NFT

2. Connect your Wallet

Using your Metamask or Ethereum Web3 wallet, create an account to verify your NFT ownership.

3. Choose your Broker!

Choose which broker you want the AI^ to manage your on, e.g. Capital.com, Oanda or Forex.com

Choose your basic settings and provide your API keys.

4. Top Up your Broker Account

Make sure you have loaded your chosen capital investment amount on your broker's CFD trading account.

5. Auto Invest?

You can ask the AI^ to auto increment the trade position sizes from the increased account balance from realised profits to grow exponentially or fix it to a set amount and take out profit monthly.

6. Easy Peasy!

That's it, watch patiently as our AI^ executes trades and benefit from the same success rate as our platform.

7. Transparency & Safety

We do not have access to your broker or exchange accounts beyond opening and closing of trades.

You can see all our trades executed live.

You control your account settings and your profits.

8. Wen Lambo?

"Wen Lambo" is a meme catch phrase in short for "I bought the stock, now when can I buy my Lamborghini?" Well, it's only a matter of time. Take out your accumulated profits above the investment threshold and spend it as you like.


Buy NFT to Subscribe


In order to register, you must first purchase THE FUNGIBLES^ NFT, then click connect to begin.

All NFT holders have lifetime membership. After purchase, you will be able to set up and connect your account to our bot in an admin panel.


Login / Configure / Account


Once you connect your Metamask wallet, we will check to see if you own one of THE FUNGIBLES^ NFTs.

You will automatically have access to setup. We currently support 2 "CFD" leverage trading capable brokers for you to choose from that are integrated.


Loss Limiter

Sideways Market Check

Dangerous Sentiment
Manipulation Protection

Big Squeeze Detection
Market Momentum
Bitcoin Magnet

Peak/Trough Magnet
Price Slide Detection
Buy/Sell Ratio Management
Pressure Direction
Explosive Boom

Cyclical Average IFM
Cosine IFM

Cycle Start-Stop IFM
Support/Resistance Lane Change
Pump/Dump Protection
Trade Execution 1s
221 Securities Trading

Master security policy breached, the bot will stop sending some signals to your account until market stabilises.
All market conditions are currently perfect for executing signals to your account.
Security policy thresholds are at dangerous Levels, the AI^ will continue to monitor.
Market conditions being monitored but do not impact bot signalling status. When activated, trades will inverse direction.
Market is crab walking / moving sideways, do not open new trades.
Market price movement pressure indicator.
*IFM: "Instantaneous Frequency Measurement" that monitors directional movement to determine Take Profit levels.
* The AI^ will manage signals according to complex algorithmic rules and decide where or not to allow a trade to open based on predictive analysis and the risk reward ratio.

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New Positions 0 : Hedged Trades 0
Long 0 : Short 0


THESE ARE OUR CURRENTLY ACTIVE SYMBOLS. Click to see the trading, profit and loss data. Green pairs are in profit and red are currently in loss.


THESE ARE OUR LIVE TRADES! Follow along and execute in real time. If you own our The Fungibles^ NFT, you can connect and automate all these securities trades to your broker accounts!

There can be a lag and delay of a few seconds between signals arriving and execution. Trading Data is not always 100% accurate but is indicative and generally within 90~95% correct. These are your last 300 trading records.

KEY .LONG .SHORT Inversed Signal Potential Reversal Volatile Period SL Moved Closed Pending Poor Return History - Trade Size Adjusted Reliable Profit History - Trade Size Increased Clawback Recovery Trade Pressure Sentiment




Cryptocurrencies, securities and their derivatives can be innovative financial products with great volatility and high investment risks.

Although Thistle^ has been committed to providing users with easy-to-use trading tools, trading itself is still technically sophisticated. Trading digital assets and their derivatives is highly leveraged and risky and may result in partial or total loss of account funds. You shall carefully consider and exercise clear judgment to evaluate your financial situation and the aforesaid risks to make any decision on using Thistle^'s Technologies and Services, and you shall be responsible for all losses arising therefrom. Please consult relevant professionals to make informed decisions on whether and how to complete investment before you invest if necessary. By accessing, downloading, using or subscribing, buying or clicking on “I agree” to accept any Thistle^ Services, you agree that you have read, understood and accepted all of the terms and conditions stipulated in Thistle^'s Terms as well as our Privacy Policy.

Past performance of Thistle^ trading data is not a reliable indicator of your future performance. Content and technology on Thistle^'s platform does not contain advice or recommendations by or on behalf of Thistle^.

This tech access is not yet available in jurisdictions that require licensing or the use of this software constitutes to regulated activities. If you reside in these jurisdictions, access will not be granted until we obtain the necessary licenses to provide services in your country. We do not serve users based in or affiliated to the USA.